Office 365 Security & Optimisation


Microsoft Office 365 is dominant in the marketplace for enterprise productivity and collaborative tools, but even as the world’s most widely adopted cloud service, it still raises security concerns that can prevent organisations from adopting it more rapidly.

One of the main areas of concerns surrounds the growing amount of corporate data Office 365 interacts with including email, file storage and even financial data.

Many of your customers may find Office 365’s built-in security tools helpful but will look to enhance Microsoft’s tools with more robust third-party solutions to detect and block advanced threats.

We compiled four of the main security areas customers should assess when moving to or enhancing their Office 365 presence:

account takeover

Attackers attempt to take over a user’s account by stealing their Office 365 credentials in order to launch attacks from an internal account. This is often achieved by the user clicking on a link in an email that sends them to a realistic looking dummy landing page where they are prompted to enter their credentials - phishing.

Preventative solutions.

Common attacks usually involve some initial form for phishing. These solutions prevent the common type of Office 365 attacks as well as the more sophisticated ones.

  • Multi-factor Authentication - WatchGuard AuthPoint
  • User awareness training - KnowBe4, Barracuda PhishLine, Kaspersky ASAP
  • Cloud Access Security Broker - Forcepoint CASB, Check Point CloudGuard SaaS
  • Anti-phishing – Barracuda Sentinel, KnowBe4 PhishER
one drive file protection

Once an attacker gains access to a user’s account they automatically then have access to all the O365 services associated with that account. This includes sensitive documentation stored on OneDrive.

Preventative solutions.

  • Cloud Access Security Broker - Forcepoint CASB, Check Point CloudGuard SaaS
  • Anti-malware blocking - Forcepoint, Check Point, Kaspersky Security for O365
data leakage

Data Security and compliance especially GDPR is a major requirement for most organisations in addition to protecting intellectual property. Here intentional or accidental exposure must be prevented. The adoption of cloud applications and environments increase the ways data can leave organisations and the risks.

Preventative solutions.

  • Cloud Access Security Broker - Forcepoint CASB, Check Point CloudGuard SaaS
  • Email data filtering
email security

Email continues to grow as the primary attack surface in an attempt to target unsuspecting employees with phishing attempts, malware and spam. It is more critical than ever for organisations to protect against malicious emails.

Preventative solutions.

  • Malware protection - Kaspersky Security for O365, Check Point, Barracuda, Forcepoint Email Security
  • Anti-spam – Barracuda, Forcepoint, Check Point

Nuvias O365 value add

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5 free AuthPoint NFR licenses with every Total Security Suite appliance purchased before the 20/10/19.

  • Use internally to protect your own corporate network
  • Allows you to demo the capabilities to your customer base to help with POCs
  • Counts towards your AuthPoint specialisation as part of the WatchGuardONE partner program
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Get better insight and better performance from your migration to Office 365. Transition to Office 365 is a large business investment, however, some organisations can see a drop in performance on inception, yet they are still fully accountable for its success. Protect your investment by taking control of your full office services with Nuvias O365 Protection and Migration Services with Riverbed and Aternity.

  • Troubleshoot performance issues quickly
  • Manage against your own service objectives
  • Evaluate the impact of changes
  • Make the cloud feel closer
  • Give priority to critical applications

Contact your Nuvias representative to get instant access to the visibility and optimisation toolsets for your customers to use in their own live or test environments. Our expert pre-sales support will ensure a successful trial.

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Take advantage of our award-winning Partner Enablement Portal. Enhance your presence through multiple marketing tactics utilising the Barracuda, Forcepoint and Kaspersky O365 dedicated campaign kits. You will be provided with co-branded materials such as banner ads, emails, lead capture forms and PDF’s all tailored to target customers. As well as this, you will also be provided with sales tactical files, such as training presentations and telemarketing scripts, and a detailed description of the key selling points and who your target audience should be.